Tips To Help You Sell Your Home…

Getting ready to sell?

Move your property fast and for the highest possible selling price with these easy and affordable staging ideas. These deal-sealing changes will make your home attractive to the largest pool of potential buyers. Remember – “You only get one chance at a first impression”

First Impressions

Refresh your front yard according to the season. Trim back plants and trees, mow the lawn, trim the edges and remove weeds, keep pathways clear and swept. Plant attractive annuals or perennials in flowerbeds. Fresh mulch will give it nice lift, and help to reduce weeds.

Check your mailbox is in good condition with a visible number. Add interest to your front door with potted plants and consider a new doormat. Your front door should be clean or refreshed with a coat of paint and new door handles. Remove any cobwebs, and clean out your gutters. Remove any oil stains from the driveway. Your overall street appeal is also important, as buyers will consider the whole neighbourhood before they purchase. Possibly a subtle friendly chat may aid in getting your neighbours to assist, or an extra half an hour on the mower will really give your street a lift.

Clean It until It Shines

Clean every visible surface until it shines. There is a tremendous appeal to a house that has sparkling clean windows, (incl. flyscreens) Floors should be clean and dust free. Don’t forget the walls, window sills, skirting boards, light fittings and window furnishings. Steam clean carpets, and give grout in any tiled areas a good scrub.


A fresh coat of paint gives you more value than anything else for your decorating dollar. An unusual colour choice, even if it’s the current fashion, may limit your home’s appeal. Go with a crowd pleasing white or other neutral colour.


Make sure your home is well lit. Replace any dated light fixtures. If it’s older than 15 years old (and looks it), but isn’t vintage or an antique, it should go. Replace any light globes which aren’t working. Make sure lights are left on and curtains / blinds are open to enhance the home’s natural light when potential buyers come through.


Take the collectibles off the mantel, place mismatched furniture into storage, pack away your excess clothes, remove excess family photos, children’s artwork, and place excess toys into storage.  – “Less is best”

Indoor Plants

Place fresh indoor plants or bunches of flowers in the kitchen, living areas and bathrooms when potential buyers come through.

Bedrooms/Living Rooms

New cushions, fresh linen, puffed pillows, candles and some artwork will freshen up these areas. Take down the kids photos, store any trinkets and reduce the amount of furniture in small rooms, to give the impression of space.


Kitchen clutter must be cleared. Remove all magnets, photos and bills from the fridge door. Ensure bench-tops, splashback, oven and rangehood are spotless and cupboards are clean. Re-arrange the panty and cupboard space to ensure everything has its own space. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and buyers place a huge emphasis on the functionally, style and design. New cupboard doors and handles can add life to older kitchens.            


Bring an out of date bathroom up to speed with a fresh coat of paint, gleaming white walls, ceramic tiles or new lighting. Buy a new bath mat. Add a little luxury with some plush towels, boutique bath products and handmade soaps. Air your bathrooms before inspections to get rid of any strong smells.


Make small rooms appear bigger and dark rooms seem brighter, by adding an attractive wall mirror.

Tend to the Backyard

Replace any damaged boards on your deck or fence and apply paint or stain if needed. Mow, weed and add colour with some in season plants and flowers. If the kid’s toys are taking over the space, put some in storage. Be sure to remove any pet excrement, as you don’t want a potential buyer stepping in it. Never do anything costly or major like adding a pool or pond, which may put off potential buyers.


Think “Tidy...Update…Refresh”.