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Window Furnishings

Colour, texture, light, depth – details like these in window furnishing can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. Let our team guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options and then stand back while you choose your favourites. We pull it all together into a complete windows furnishing solution for your home or office that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours.

Heating / Cooling

Custom designed reverse cycle refrigerated split system air-conditioning for your home or commercial facility.

Design Ducted Systems for Homes and Commercial Purposes Sales of Air Conditioning Units Installation Maintenance Servicing/Repairs

Pergola / Decking

If you have thought about transforming your back yard into a complete outdoor living space or would like to discuss a few options, we can help make that vision a reality. Our experienced team will be able to productively assist with the layout and building of your deck or pergola for any type of project all at an affordable price.


  • Maintenance

Our complete landscaping maintenance services, which are available to homeowners, businesses, and organizations throughout Craigieburn, include the following: Mowing, fertilizing, bed care, mulching, trimming, pruning, irrigation maintenance, lawn aeration, over-seeding, leaf removal, planting, preparation of annual beds, removal of annuals, and tree and shrub care.

  • Installation

Whether starting from bare ground or renovating an existing landscape we can make your vision come to life. In today’s water conscious environment there are a number of choices available. Drought tolerant, native plants, low water, low maintenance, Tim Romeril - Stockdale & Leggo can recommend the team to help you understand how those ideas can work for you.


Tim Romeril - Stockdale & Leggo can help you with a full design and build service for all your cabinet and storage requirements.  We can assist you with the design of your kitchen and help you to choose just the right materials for your needs.

All the latest materials and design styles are available to you; all you have to do is choose!

We can organise kitchens and pantries, bathrooms and vanities, wardrobes and linen presses, entertainment units and book cases. We can also organise commercial fitouts.


  • General

From washing walls, washing ceilings, cleaning windows, scrubbing and mopping floors, detailed cleans of kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, we can recommend the right cleaners with the experience to return your property to its former glory.

  • Specialised

The cleaners we recommend are trained and have experience in cleaning heavily soiled areas including  built up dirt and grime, smoke damaged property, water damaged carpets and furniture, stripping and sealing of hard floors, and high pressure cleaning of exterior areas. Graffiti removal and more.

  • Builders Cleans

Need rubble, building materials, left over from repairs and renovations taken away, then we can help.  Everything from light to heavy builders cleans we can arrange to clear the debris to allow the next phase of your house transformation to commence.

  • Carpet and Upholstery

The method of cleaning carpets and upholstery our carpet cleaners use is the hot water extraction or steam cleaning technique.  This is generally known as the most effective and leaves little to no chemical residue in the carpet fibre, making it the safest and healthiest alternative for the young and sensitive.  The team have rotary scrubbers / buffers available to extract the heaviest of soils from your carpets leaving them bright and clean.  Our technicians have the training to identify fibres, carpet construction, pre-existing stains and by what process they can be removed.

Pest / Building Inspections

Building and pest inspections can help safeguard property buyers against investing in fault-ridden properties, as the reports reveal any hidden problems a property may have. 

The results can give investors peace of mind, with the knowledge that what they’re buying isn’t going to collapse around them.

If the property has termite damage, for example, you could be up for tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. “Major structural issues can be very costly to fix, so it’s really worthwhile finding out those sort of things upfront.”  Let us point you in the right direction.

Financial Planning

Start by working out your goals in life, in the short, medium and long term. Prioritise them, and think about the likely cost of those goals and when you will need the money, so you can start to plan your finances to work out how to achieve them. Don’t forget you also have to plan for some of the hurdles you may have to overcome too. It’s about getting organised; being in control of your finances rather than letting your finances control you.

Most individuals work in conjunction with an investment or tax professional and use current net worth, tax liabilities, asset allocation, and future retirement and estate plans in developing the plan. These will be used along with estimates of asset growth to determine if a person's financial goals can be met in the future, or what steps need to be taken to ensure that they are. To speak with one of our trained professionals, contact us now.


A conveyancer is a licensed and qualified professional whose job it is to provide advice and information about the sale of a property, prepare the documentation and conduct the settlement process.

It is wise for both parties, the buyer and the seller, to engage a conveyancer to navigate this process, as it needs a bit of a legal eagle to decipher the jargon. You don’t legally have to engage a conveyance, but knowing the ins and outs of property agreements can be quite hard for the layman.

Both buyers and sellers will be asked by the real estate agent to provide contact details of your conveyancer for the sales and purchase agreement, so it is best to do your homework upfront and have one already chosen. If you need our recommendation, please contact us now.

Finance / Lending

There are a number of criteria that lenders assess each application against. The main criteria are explained below.

One of the factors used to assess an application, is the lender’s judgement on the ability of the applicant(s) to make the loan repayments without experiencing financial hardship. The lender will consider a range of factors including income, expenses and other liabilities in order to determine whether or not the applicant will be able to comfortably make the loan repayments, even in the event of interest rate increases.

Another factor considered is the Loan to Value Ratio, or ‘LVR’. This is the amount you are planning to borrow as a percentage of the value of the property. Any savings the borrower has can be used to reduce the amount being borrowed which will in turn reduce the LVR.

The LVR is important because if the borrower is unable to repay the loan and the lender is required to repossess the security property, the lender will want to ensure that the value of the property provides sufficient equity to repay outstanding debt(s) and interest.

In many cases lenders will lend up to 90% of the value of the property, however if the LVR is higher than 80% mortgage insurance will usually be required. Mortgage insurance serves to protect the lender against the borrower being unable to repay the loan. The mortgage insurance premium is normally paid by the borrower. When mortgage insurance is involved, the application must satisfy the lending criteria of the mortgage insurer as well as the lender.

The credit history of the applicant(s) is also considered. If an applicant has previously defaulted on a loan, has missed a credit card payment, or has been declared bankrupt, this will reflect on their credit history and will be accounted for when the lender is assessing the application.

For more information or to speak with one of our Lending professionals, please contact us now.

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